A new life already started

A new life already started
Following my feet.. trusting my heart

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting closer

Since my skiing experience I've been having ups and downs with regards to my work outs. I got into the IACF routine last Saturday again. I had a team WOD at my coach's place. I wish I had been able to do the same as my team mates but...no snatches for me! Jen modified it and I did my best with push ups, shoulder presses and handstands. Fair enough.

On Sunday I joined my CF girls to do a fun WOD at Austin HS. They are awesome! They figured out something for me too. Actually we did two wods and, feeling I'm back again made my day. :)

When I went back to CFC last Monday I was full of energy. Although I couldnt do the CFW work out, I burnt calories, energy and, more important, negativism. (did i just make up that word??...oops!). But... (there's always one).. the following morning my knee didnt agree with my recovered motivation... Why the hell???!!! I got in the school limping in my knee. I guess that's the reason why my kids were staring at me so weird, in shock and confused... they might have thought I was miming somebody...

The thing is my mind's more than ready to take the next step in this challenge but my body is fighting against it. Today I had a fun modified wod. After that I practiced for a while some kipping pull-ups. Still 3 in a row... well, "be patient Myriam, you'll get them" I repeat to myself. I have my own pace.

On the other side, I'm thrilled because yesterday I did 15 push-ups on my toes in a row!!! finally!!! My IACF goal was 10 so.... Yeeeeeeha! now I should move on and try to increase the number of reps or/and sets. Almost there!!!

Tomorrow the doc'll tell me the final diagnosis. Let's see what's the punishment this time. Crossing my fingers... I cannot quit the challenge now. I love this challenge. I'm still IN. Definitely.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"mala pata"

In Spanish that's "tough luck"... and I guess, it's what I had last weekend. I went to skii to Colorado with some friends and what I expected happened: I fell down more than once. At first, as a beginner I was ok with that but then, after twisted it more than a couple of times I started to worry. I guess not enough to stop skiing and wait for my friends in a bar down the hill (and i didnt want to be tempted by prohibited drinks..).
I kept on enjoying it til the trails were closed. I was having so much fun!!! On Tuesday I came back to reality though... and to its painful consequences.

The doctor didnt tell me yet what is all about but probably it has to do something with the meniscus... argh! and just now! when I'm so into the challenge!!! I cried in the emergency room when nobody was arround.. injured again! it's always the same story. Everytime I'm getting to the next level in a sport I get injured... so frustrating!!...

This week has been pretty hard getting used to the fact I'm gonna need to slow down my training habits. However, looking or trying to find the positive side of all this, I've decided to follow doc's instructions about my knee: rest, rest and rest, but at the same time, to take advantage of the situation and improve my upper body, my weak point.

So this morning I headed up to my IACF team WOD and did what my coach Jen prepared for me to do. It wasnt as fun as my team mates WOD but at least I did it with them and I felt submerged in the challenge again.

Tomorrow I'm joining my CF girls to play a little with pull-ups, push-ups or whatever I can do with them. I'm lucky to have them arround. You inspire me..Thanks girls!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Why Paleo?...

..because i wanna CLEAN my body of all the crap I had in 30 sth years of my life.

why Crossfit?..
...because it's challenging
...because I'm in the better shape of my life
...because it makes me stronger, physically and mentally
...because I ENJOY it!

Healthier diet, healthier body, healthier LIFE!!

AICF: u wanna join me??...


Thursday, January 14, 2010

tough but fun!

Yesterday's WOD:

10 BB (65lbs) back squats
25 air squats
400 m run

x5 Rds (20min cut-off)

my time: 17:47!

Better than I expected.. :)

Next time I'll try more weight though... that's my weak point :(

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the real challenge

Most people who get to know me well already know I do not like running pretty much. I do it because I have to and because I'm concerned about the importance of improving my running skills and my Crossfit performance. But the truth is running has always been a tough sport routine for me.
There was a time when I used to wake up very early (well, not as early as I do now, but it was by then) in the morning to go running. I was living in Valencia and I had a particular goal: to pass the PE exams for my teacher position in Madrid. I guess that was what encouraged me to reach that goal. It was tough though. I used to find different ways to run the same distance so that it was more enjoyable. 

Now I feel like I lost all those running routines and it's hard to get them back again. I included a goal about running more often and get into it again. However, my mind tries to cheat and discourage me while I'm doing it. For example, last night I did the 2nd IACF WOD of the week (run 2 miles per time) and it turned out being harder (for me) than "Angie". Despite having my Ipod and trying to think about other issues, my mind only wanted me to quit it. I guess running in a treadmill doesn't help at all, I prefer running outside for sure, but it was too late last nite and going for a run around my neighborhood gets kind of dangerous.

I definitely can run short distances as fast as I can. I do not mind running 400 m or 800 m, actually, I think I like it. But when I have to run longer my mind is stronger than my will... 

I normally have good times when the WOD includes a short run, but yesterday it was a nightmare... or at least that's how I felt. The 2 miles took me around 16 min (15:29 to be precise) and it was rugged for me to stay on the treadmill.

Today I woke up with all that in mind, being even more confident about reaching my new goals and doing the best I can in the IACF challenge. Nobody said it was gonna be easy, but the truth is that it's getting more interesting and challenging... I LOVE IT!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting into the IACF routine

It's too late, I'm exhausted and I have to wake up pretty early tomorrow so I'm just gonna post today's WOD and a picture of what I had for dinner... hmmmm, yummy!!! the best time of my day :D

20 min AMRAP:

30 jumping pull-ups

10 DB chest press (20lbs)

20 med ball sit ups

I did 8 Rds (not bad) plus 30 pull ups

I have to congratulate my CF mate Lory for her AMAZING job today, she smoked the WOD!! 12 Rds!!! She was FAST!! She is definitely a CF bad ass!! :)

My dinner: veggie mix + catfish in tomato sauce.

Paleo stuffed peppers... hmmm!

I started doing Paleo in July and, since then, I've been having the impression I eat the same thing every single day. I tried to change my blocks, my eating routines, but I always end having almost the same sort of things... and that kind of bores me. I've been also following some Paleo/Crossfit blogs to find ideas and recipes to enjoy the diet more and feel better about what I was eating,  but my tight schedule + my shameful laziness made it pretty hard.
So I decided to include a goal about that in  "My New Life Journal". From now on I'll try to spend more time in the kitchen finding new ways to cook my Paleo blocks and practicing someone else's recipes.

Yesterday I went to have lunch with some of my Spanish friends. They are pretty skeptic about my Crossfit thing and diet habits so I decided to cook something I could eat and they'd enjoy as well.
My try was what now is gonna be my specialty: "Paleo stuffed bell peppers"....hmmm! They turned out delicious!!

Ingredients (6 people):

6+1 green bell peppers
1 red bell pepper
1/4 eggplant
1/4 zuchini
1 poblano pepper
1/4 sweet potato (if u have it after WOD)
1/2 frozen spinach
chicken ground meat or  breast chunks
sliced almonds (or pecans)
garlic powder
olive oil

As the picture shows the bell peppers are cut in halves and stuffed with the veggies and the meat. Some sliced almonds are sprinkled on the top. Put them in the oven at 400 degrees aprox, wait and... ENJOY!!!